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Enjoy the sight of hundreds of native birds gathering at feeding time.

bird feeding   Native birds are fed twice daily on a grassed area set aside for the purpose. They are wild birds and over many years have been coming in in large numbers in the early morning and about an hour before sunset. A large variety of birds visit at feed time.  
There are three classes of birds fed.

The nectar eaters of which the most spectacular are the Red-collared Lorikeets and the Blue-faced Honeyeaters.

The grain eaters of which all three are interesting to the overseas visitors. The most spectacular bird that they are likely to see is the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, a huge white bird with a yellow crest that stands up. Then Carellas which are biggish white cockatoos. Then Pink and Grey Galahs.

The protein eaters (meat or cheese) are fed cheese which they take "on the wing". The yellow throated miners also eat cheese but the star of this show is an expert food catcher the Silver-backed Butcher Bird which is a beautifully shaped (barrel chested) bird in a smart black, silver and white plumage.

Blue winged Kookaburras, Bower birds and a host of other parrots, exotic pigeons, kites, eagles and exotic water birds can usually be seen in or around the resort but rarely come in to be fed.

The larger carrion feeding birds such as kites and eagles are not fed because of the fear they induce in all the other birds but can be seen in the area.