Best Way To Lose Weight According to Nutritionists

Some people choose to lose weight by adopting a certain diet and exercising, some others, choosing to take supplements that are claimed to help you lose weight. The problem is not all of these methods are healthy, even if they don’t work. Here are some of the best ways besides using Phengold to lose weight according to registered nutritionists:

No food should be completely avoided
When you start labeling food as good and bad, it makes you naturally fixate on the foods you shouldn’t eat, which you really want – and the further away from them, the more desire to eat them. Focus on choosing the right portion of 80 to 90 percent of healthy foods at all times. Then pair it with a healthy exercise routine, which can help with long-term weight loss success. This will leave room to enjoy the ‘bad food’ you are avoiding, without feeling guilty. Feelings of guilt for eating forbidden foods can turn into unhealthy emotions in childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood.

Avoid carbohydrates, unless they contain fiber
Fiber helps improve blood sugar control, helps lower cholesterol, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, colorectal cancer, and heart disease. Fiber-rich foods include nuts, vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes), and fruits (apples, berries, oranges, pears).

Make meal plans for tomorrow
Planning what to eat the next day, will prevent you from “panic” when looking at various menus at mealtimes. Think calmly about what you want to eat tomorrow, so you don’t just choose foods that are low in nutrients and higher in calories. When you sit down for dinner, plan what you will have for dinner tomorrow. This is much easier to do when you are not hungry. It also gives you time to prepare the ingredients for cooking the next day.

One thing that is important to remember when losing weight is to pay attention to the portion, even if you eat healthy foods.

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