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It all began back in....


It all began in the mid 1970's when the Resort's host was flying over Litchfield Park in his capacity as an aerial photographer.

Well actually it began millions of years ago because in Litchfield Park, we are talking about one of the world's oldest great-unspoiled landscapes but that's another story.

Through his photographic work and their four-wheel excursions into the area, Bob and Robin Davis became aware of the splendid tourist attractions that would become increasingly accessible from the town of Batchelor over the next thirty years. When the "opportunity" arose to carve a tourist caravan park from virgin scrub, they knew that the years of backbreaking work were a challenge with their name written on it.

They opened Batchelor Caravillage in 1986 and gradually built it into one of the most tourist friendly stops in the Territory.

While they were building their own great tourist escape haven, alongside them two equally brave and reckless souls were engaged in bringing "the flashiest pub in the scrub" from a dream to a reality. The Rum Jungle Motor Inn opened in 1987. From the beginning as they each struggled with the difficulties of building a first class facility in a remote and largely un-serviced area, the families from the Inn and Caravillage became friends.

Because of their intimate knowledge of the attractions within the Park and the then relative inaccessibility of these attractions to standard vehicles, Robin and Bob started Litchfield Park Tours and commenced the "Waterfall Crawl" into Litchfield Park. Encouraged by Robin and Bob, and as the roads became more accessible, other tour operators became attracted to the area. Once the level of service available to Caravillage from these other operators was adequate, Litchfield Park Tours was closed after a very successful ten years. Caravillage became the logical pick up point for the new operators and because of its active role in tourism in the area, Batchelor Resort remains the main regional pick up point for tour operators active in Litchfield Park.

From their respective vantage points Robin and Bob from Caravillage and Jackie and Laurie from the Rum Jungle Motor Inn eyed each other's properties and thought "wouldn't it be marvellous if we could join these two properties together and build a really first class tourist operation." So when the Rum Jungle Motor Inn came up for sale in 2000, Robin and Bob finally got their chance and Batchelor Resort was born.

Encouraged by family and other financial backers, they became firmly embarked on the process of upgrading and integrating these two adjoining businesses into an all-encompassing resort. The Rum Jungle Motor Inn has been upgraded from 2 stars at the time of purchase to 4 stars, matching the rating of the Caravillage.

Today the caravan park has been separated in ownership. Batchelor Resort is still a 4-star resort offering spacious, comfortable motel rooms, fine dining for up to 100 guests, bistro dining for up to 80, bars, take-away food, souvenir shopping, bottle shop, fuel, conference facilities for up to 60, swimming pool, outdoor cooking facilities and much more.  A short walk over the link path takes you to the 18-hole mini golf and the daily bird feeding.

  The Batchelor area is steeped in history from early Chinese market gardens, use as a base during the Second World War, and pastoral and mining industries. There are old wartime campsites and airstrips where many people from allied countries served during the Second World War. Mineral exploration and mining are active in the area. Browns Deposit, a cobalt mine with nickel by-product has just been given the go ahead - at the old Rum Jungle mine area. Tropical fruit orchards, aviation, government services and the businesses relating to tourism provide employment in the area. There are stores, health clinic, schools, police station, service station and mechanical workshop, motel, Caravan Park, post office with Commonwealth Bank agency, and churches. Parks & Wildlife office associated with Litchfield National Park is headquartered in Batchelor.

Batchelor Institute is a multi-purpose college originally established as a Teacher Education College for Aborigines. Since 1985, the Institute has diversified to include additional accredited programs. Students are adults of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent from throughout Australia, who can reside on campus with their families. Student numbers vary around 800. You can visit the Coomalie Cultural Centre and see student's art and craft.