Recommendation for Car Navigation

While car navigation was still using CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, the initial data stored on it would continue to be used for several years. This causes the existing map data to not be updated. It could be that when you pass a new road, maybe the map will still show the image of the mountains. Now, the data needed for car navigation will be stored on an HDD or SSD so that map updating is easier. There are also products that offer free update functionality for 3 years. If car navigation will only be used for a short time, maybe you don’t need to focus too much on the “map update” feature. However, if you intend to use it for a long period of time, you should check the update functionality, update costs, and update frequency. See our recommended GPS devices:

GARMIN nüvi 57LM
The Garmin nüvi 57LM is a portable car navigation device that you can rely on to access basic GPS features. Even though the price is quite affordable, this device is capable of monitoring road conditions up to about 30 kilometers ahead! The most interesting thing about this product is the free map update service during use, perfect for those of you who want to enjoy long-term costs down. However, the downside is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. This means that the Garmin nüvi 57LM cannot be connected for hands-free use on the phone or for playing your favorite music in smartphone playlists.

Clarion Head Unit
Clarion NX702A is 7-inch car navigation with a very responsive Graphical User Interface (GUI), suitable for those of you who want a GPS with fast loading, not easily errored, or choked up. With 12 million pre-loaded points of interest, the NX702A database includes national parks, restaurants, petrol stations, and many other locations. Clarion NX702A already has a built-in Bluetooth Parrot Interface which is equipped with a microphone. This is of course very helpful for those of you who don’t want to be cut off from communication while in driving conditions. This navigator head unit is generally sold in a package with an audio device, making it easier for those of you who want to install a GPS for the first time because the package has been adjusted to the specifications of the unit that is paired with it.

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