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Be Careful In Cleaning The House After The Flood

If you are one of the flood victims, there are several things that must be considered. One of them is cleaning the entire house and furniture after the floodwaters have receded. Moreover, water and mud and dirt that enter can damage furniture, walls, other house structures, and disturb health in the environment in the house. Keep in mind that some furniture may require a different treatment than others because it is more easily damaged, such as carpets, wallpaper, furniture, etc. Then, what to do when you have to clean flood marks in the house? You can ask firstcallrestorationcrew.com to help you.

Wipe the incoming mud as clean as possible, then use a garden spray or hose to clean it up to its full potential. After the house is clean from mud, clean the house and furniture surfaces. Wipe the surface with hot water and detergent. If necessary, disinfect using a solution of 1/4 cup chlorine bleach per gallon of water or a product labeled as a disinfectant to kill germs.

Wallboards act like sponges when wet. If most of the wallboards are submerged by clean rainwater, consider cutting 10 to 30 cm high sections from the bottom and top of the walls. This creates a “chimney effect” of air movement for a faster drying process.

An alternating saw with a metal chopping blade will work, but only use the tip of the blade and pay attention to the pipe or cable. Styrofoam material may just need to be sprayed. Fiberglass should be thrown away if it gets muddy but can be reused if it’s completely dry. Loose or blown cellulose should be replaced as it retains water for a long time and can lose it’s anti-fungal and flame retardant properties.

The electricity must be turned off, repaired, and checked by an electrician before turning it on again. Cables must be completely drained, including those behind walls. Heating or cooling systems and ducts may require inspection and cleaning. Soaking insulation should be replaced.
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