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Who better to organise your tours of the area?


3o years ago through his photographic work and their four-wheel excursions into the area, Bob and Robin Davis (proprietors of the Batchelor Resort) became aware of the splendid tourist attractions that would become increasingly accessible from the town of Batchelor.

Bob and Robin were the first people to run tours into Litchfield National Park from Batchelor.

Because of their intimate knowledge of the attractions within the Park and the then relative inaccessibility of these attractions to standard vehicles, Robin and Bob started Litchfield Park Tours and commenced the "Waterfall Crawl" into Litchfield Park. Encouraged by Robin and Bob, and as the roads became more accessible, other tour operators became attracted to the area. Once the level of service available to Resort guests from these other operators was adequate and the demands of the expanding Resort grew, Litchfield Park Tours was closed after a very successful ten years. The Resort became the logical pick up point for the new operators and because of its active role in tourism in the area, Batchelor Resort remains the main regional pick up point for tour operators active in Litchfield Park.

No one knows the area better, so who better to help you choose a tour to suit your needs.
Our tour desk will be happy to book a quality tour for you with a respected operator.
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