Decorating With Polka Dot Wall Decals

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Polka Dot Wall Decals

Polka dot wall decals are a revolutionary idea for adding interest to your decor. polka dot wall decals give the illusion that you took the time to paint, but you know it took about a fourth of that time to make your space look fantastic!

These wonderful creations are ideal for just about every room of your home and can be used on most smooth surfaces. polka dot wall decals are easily removed without damaging the wall. Spruce up your mirrors, walls, finished wood, ceramic and glass tiles, and dressers.

Friends and family will want to know how you did it, so here are a few tips on how to decorate with polka dot wall decals.

Child’s Room (Boy or Girl)

Use stripes and blocks to accent the area above a headboard or dresser.· Randomly place larger flower wall stickers across the wall. Use individual large circles to create a huge flower. Create the stem from a green strip and then cut the leaves out of a block or circle polka dot wall decals. Rockets can be created from simple geometric shapes and fly all around the room – on the walls and the ceiling (if the ceiling isn’t textured). Mirrors can be decorated with them too. Create a border around the edge with cut-outs, polka dots, or bold stripes. Use a few small decals in your theme on the lampshade.

Master Bedroom

Create just the right spark of romance with gentle pops of color using polka dot wall decals. Ivy leaves and vines are easily cut out of green stickers. Cascade them down the wall or around the ceiling.  A bold look in the bedroom can be created with blocks and dots alike randomly placed in either clusters or individually on the walls. Mirrored closet doors instantly compliment the decor with the addition of stickers.

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Bathrooms (Child or Adult)

Wall dots are perfect for making those glass doors more attractive,  Add a few polka dot wall decals to the wastebasket and mirrored medicine cabinet, Toilets can even look spiffy with the addition of a few attractive decals, “Tattoo” your tiles with individual decals, creating a “border” around the room.

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