How To Polish Black Granite Countertops

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Black Granite Countertops With Black Sink

Black granite countertops used inside the kitchen of your home could give a pristine and luxurious look for the overlook of your whole kitchen. A dark color such as black could be the perfect color for your modern kitchen décor especially when you polish it correctly. For surfaces that are chipped or cracked, then you have to hire professional to get them nicely polished to looking new again, but if the surface is only looking dull but still intact without much damage, then you could do the polishing by yourself without having to spend labor money for hiring professional help.

Black granite countertops that you are going to polish, must be first cleaned by rubbing wet cloth to the surface of the countertop itself that would pick up any dust, debris, crumbs and other food or cleaning residue that is left on it. Make a thick paste of 2 tablespoons of liquid soap mixed with flour and spread the paste on top of your granite counter. This is to make sure that you get rid of all the stains from your countertop as stained counters will not shine even after being polished. Leave the paste to dry overnight and in the morning wet another cloth and rub the surface until you have gotten all the paste off the granite surface.

Black granite countertops then would need to be immediately dried with microfiber cloth, because this would ensure that watermarks don’t stain the counter which could be another reason why it won’t shine even after you polish it. After all the cleaning preparation is done, you could then spray stone polish on the surface of your countertops and repeat in circular motion until all surfaces are covered nicely with the polish to make the granite shines. This could be the easy method of Do It Yourself polishing for your granite countertops especially the ones with black color for their surfaces.

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